Craft 3.2 Beta Released

We’re excited to announce that we just tagged the first Beta release for Craft 3.2!

Craft 3.2 has been in an Alpha stage since mid-March, and brings over 100 enhancements to the system, with a focus on improving author experience.

Here are a few of our favorite features being introduced in Craft 3.2:

Autosave. Now when you start editing an entry, Craft will automatically create a new draft of the entry for you, and begin autosaving your changes to it.

Preview Targets. Craft Pro admins can now specify multiple locations that should be available for previewing and sharing their entries.

Headless Preview. It’s now possible to view preview drafts and revisions when using Craft as a headless CMS!

Element Index Pagination. Not a fan of the infinite scroll? Now your elements will be paginated on element index pages.

Element Exporting. Download the current list of elements as a CSV, XLS, or ODS file, right from element index pages.

Related Element Validation. Don’t want authors relating assets that are still missing their Alt Text? Now you can force them to fix validation errors on related elements before they can publish a new version of the parent entry.

Field Type Enhancements. Table fields can now have Dropdown, Email, & URL columns, and Dropdown & Multi-select fields can define optgroups.

Sortable Custom Fields. Now your elements can be sorted by their custom fields within element indexes.

Multi-site Element Queries. Now you can query elements across multiple sites at once.

Testing Framework. Craft now includes a testing framework for plugins, powered by Codeception. (WIP documentation is up on GitHub.)

Check out the running Craft 3.2 changelog for a full list of what’s changed.

How to Install

If you’d like to give Craft 3.2 a whirl, first ensure you have Composer installed (installation instructions) and an existing Craft project you’re comfortable testing with. Then open composer.json in your favorite text editor and change your craftcms/cms requirement to:

"require": {
  "craftcms/cms": "^3.2.0-beta.1",
  "...": "..."

Then go to your project in your terminal and run this command:

composer update

Once that’s done, open your project’s Control Panel up in your web browser and click the “Finish up” button.


Thanks to everyone who has helped test Craft 3.2 thus far. And a huge thanks is due to Giel Tettelaar and Bob Olde Hampsink for their massive contributions to the new testing framework!

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