Craft 3.2 is Here

Craft 3.2

Craft 3.2 is officially here! This update brings several enhancements to Craft, focused on improving the author experience.

Autosave. Now when you start editing an entry, Craft will automatically create a new draft of the entry for you and begin autosaving your changes to it.

Preview Targets. With Craft Pro, admins can now specify multiple locations that should be available for previewing and sharing their entries.

Preview Context Menu

Headless Preview. It’s now possible to view preview drafts and revisions when using Craft as a headless CMS!

Better Localization. Sections and Matrix fields have new “Propagation Method” settings for fine-grained control over which sites entries and blocks should be saved to. And drafts are now multi-site.

Element Index Pagination. Not a fan of the infinite scroll? Now your elements will be paginated on element index pages.

Element Exporting. Download the current list of elements as a CSV, XLS, or ODS file, right from element index pages.

Entry Index Footer

User Impersonation. Non-admins can now log in as other users with the new “Impersonate users” permission.

Sortable Custom Fields. Now your elements can be sorted by their custom fields within element indexes.

Field Type Enhancements. Table fields can now have Dropdown, Email, & URL columns, and Dropdown & Multi-select fields can define optgroups.

Related Element Validation. Don’t want authors relating assets that are still missing their Alt Text? Now you can force them to fix validation errors on related elements before they can publish a new version of the parent entry.

Asset Field Validation Error

There are some exciting developer-facing features as well:

Multi-site Element Queries. Now you can query elements across multiple sites at once.

Templating Improvements. Twig templates now have an attr() function for generating HTML attributes, a |withoutKey filter for removing a key from an array, and a {% dd %} tag for better variable dumping.

New Console Commands. There’s new mailer/test, tests/setup, and resave/matrix-blocks console commands, and new plugins can add additional commands to any of Craft’s core console controllers.

Testing Framework. Craft now includes a testing framework for plugins and projects, powered by Codeception. (Many thanks to Giel Tettelaar and Bob Olde Hampsink for their help with this!)

Check out the changelog for a full list of what’s changed.

We will be hosting 30-minute webinars this Thursday (7/11) and next Thursday (7/18) at 7AM and 10AM PT, which will demonstrate some of the exciting new authoring features in Craft 3.2, plus time for Q&A. Register now if you’d like to attend!

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