Introducing Craft Nitro


We’re excited to announce a new project we’ve been working on: Craft Nitro.

Nitro is a speedy new local development environment that’s tuned for Craft CMS, powered by Multipass.

Multipass is a new tool for running virtual machines. It’s similar to Vagrant, except that it uses uses OS-native hypervisors, such as HyperKit on macOS and Hyper-V on Windows, making it faster and more efficient to run than Vagrant. It’s built by Canonical, the team behind Ubuntu.

Today we released Nitro 1.0 Beta, which packs a ton of features for local Craft development, including PHP 7.4, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redis, Xdebug, and Blackfire support.

We’ll be releasing 1.0 in the coming weeks, once we’ve finished adding Windows support and ironed out any major bugs that show up during the Beta.

You can start using Nitro by following the Getting Started instructions over at getnitro.sh. We hope you like it!

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