What we Announced at Dot All 2022

Brandon at Dot All 2022

Dot All 2022 is a wrap! In his opening State of Craft keynote, Brandon made several big announcements:

Team Update

Pixel & Tonic is up to 17 team members now! August Miller (Portland) and Brian Hanson (Chicago) both joined us last month, and Iwona Just (UK) is starting next week. Brian and Iwona are working on Craft CMS development, and August is working on documentation and educational resources. We’re excited to have them!

Over 60% of new Craft installs (and 46% of all recently-updated installs!) are running Craft 4. We have the amazing plugin community to thank, with 87% of popular plugins already available for Craft 4.

Craft 4.3 will be released in the coming weeks, with a slew of accessibility enhancements and element index UI improvements, including a new “View” menu with the ability for authors to modify the visible table columns.

We’re releasing a first party Shopify integration, which will sync Shopify products into Craft as elements, with support for custom fields and relations.

Craft Console is launching later this year. It’s going to replace Craft ID as our new customer portal, with the ability to manage Craft CMS and plugin licenses, Plugin Store listings, and Partner profiles via Organizations.

Craft Cloud

Craft Cloud is starting to take shape, after we decided to throw out the original idea of “headless Craft as a service” and build a true one-size-fits-all service for traditional, headless, and hybrid Craft sites.

It’s going to feature:

  • an automated build pipeline for Composer and npm scripts
  • built-in logging, image transforms, and asset storage
  • custom staging environments based on Git branches
  • unlimited scalability thanks to a serverless architecture
  • static page caching, a global CDN, SSL certificates, a firewall and DDoS protection, all powered by Cloudflare
  • worldwide availability, enhanced by AWS Global Accelerator

Craft Cloud is on track to launch in 2023.

Craft 5

Craft 5 development has begun! It will mark the biggest leap forward for content modeling since Matrix was added in 1.3, including:

  • Entries everywhere – categories, tags, and global sets are becoming entries.
  • Unified content view – a new way of organizing all site content.
  • Multiple entry authors – entries will no longer be limited to a single author.
  • Decoupled entry types – entry types will become an independent concept, separate from sections. (Sections will choose which entry types are available to them.)
  • Entry portability – entries will be able to move to other sections that allow the same entry type).
  • Scheduled drafts and releases – choose a future date that a draft should be applied, or assign multiple drafts to a “release” so they can be applied in bulk.
  • Inception fields – create nested entries without limits.

Craft 5 will be released in Q4 2023—possibly around Dot All 2023, who knows?

Dot All 2023

Speaking of Dot All 2023, we revealed that it’s going to take place in Barcelona! We hope to see you there. 👋

Photo credit: David Hellman

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