Dot All Recap

Dot All Crowd Edited

Thank you to everyone who made Dot All 2017 an overwhelming success! We had so much fun we’re already planning next year’s event – coming to Europe in Fall 2018!

Michael Rog and Andrew Welch recorded a new Keeping Up With Craft podcast shortly after the event to recap some of their thoughts. It’s worth a listen! You can also catch up on all the things we announced here.

All of the talks were recorded, and we’re thrilled to say that we’ll be releasing full videos of each of the sessions for free in the coming weeks! Until then, you can check out the speakers’ slide decks at the following links:

Brandon Kelly – Opening Keynote

Carrie Hane – Content Strategy: The Method Behind the Madness

Nate Iler – How to Create a Full REST API With Craft 3

Megan Zlock – Intro to Craft Plugin Development

Andrew Welch – Crafting Modern SEO

Linda Gorman – Collaborating with Craft

Alex Van Holtz – Handy Craft Tips & Tricks

Travis Gertz – Editorial Design in Craft

Thank you to all of our incredible speakers! And thanks to our all our sponsors – Vector Media Group, Flipbox Digital, Foster Made, and all the others – Dot All 2017 would not have been the same without you!

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