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Yesterday a new Craft site launched that we’re particularly excited about—ours!

The new craftcms.com was designed and developed by the amazingly talented team at One Design Company, who won us over with their stellar work on the Field Notes website. It features gorgeous new illustrations and sharp typography, and there are tons of clever interactive bits throughout the site that reveal its playful personality. We couldn’t be happier with it.

But the design isn’t the biggest change. The content is.

Craftcms.com has always been an interesting challenge for us. Like Craft itself, the site needs to serve a variety of audiences: developers, who need to ensure that Craft is flexible, extensible, and scalable enough to meet the project’s technical needs; but also their clients, who need to be convinced Craft is the right choice for their business from content authoring, security, and sales perspectives; and other stakeholders such as agency heads, designers, content managers, and IT. Each with their own reasonable questions and concerns about a tool that will soon become part of their everyday life.

Our website has always done a decent enough job speaking to developers, but the other groups? Not so much. It’s a pain point we’ve been hearing about for years, and we finally decided it’s time to do something about it.

The very first thing you’ll read when you visit our homepage is our mission for Craft: to be the CMS that makes the whole team happy. The rest of the page backs that up with explainers, top features by audience, and social proof.

The real meat of our new website strategy comes in the Why Craft section, which lists out the 4 use cases Craft needs to excel at if it’s going to accomplish its mission: design/development, content creation, business integration, and ecommerce. Each use case has some key points on the Why Craft landing page, and they each have their own dedicated pages as well, with deep dives showing how Craft is the right tool for the job.

Why Craft Page Full

Beyond the new homepage and Why Craft section, we’ve made several other improvements:

  • The Features section does a better job communicating the overall experience of working with Craft by highlighting non-core features like Commerce, forms, and headless.
  • Case studies have been moved into a new In the Field section, with a beautiful new layout that will enable us to add new case studies faster and more regularly.
  • The Pricing page includes Commerce pricing.
  • We’ve moved our support articles into a new Guides section with better organization and discoverability.
  • We’ve renamed News to Blog, which will give us the freedom to post regularly, rather than just when we have something big to announce.
  • There’s an About page (finally).

This site has been a huge project for us, and we’re thrilled to take the wraps off it. We hope it will be an effective sales tool and an even better learning resource for all Craft developers!

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