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We are thrilled to announce Publish to Apple News, a new Craft CMS plugin that provides an integration with Apple News. The plugin empowers publishers to seamlessly deliver rich, beautiful articles to Apple News, taking full advantage of the comprehensive layout and interactivity features of Apple News Format.

Apple News Format, by the way, is pretty amazing. It’s a little like RSS in that it’s a standardized way of representing your content, but instead of dumping all of your articles’ content into one giant <description> node as HTML, the content gets broken down into semantic “components” such as headings, text, pull quotes, images, videos, and other media. (If you’ve ever used Craft’s Matrix field to define long-form content, this content modeling approach will sound very familiar to you.) Each component also gets its own layout and text styles, so the end result can be both beautiful and on-brand.

With this plugin, developers have complete control over which entries should be published to Apple News, and how they should be represented in Apple News Format. Once it’s set up, authors can continue creating entries just like they’re used to, and the plugin will quietly work to keep Apple News updated in the background.

Craft Cms On Apple News

The Craft CMS channel on Apple News

Publish to Apple News is a free, MIT-licensed plugin, available now on GitHub. Special thanks to Apple for their assistance with the plugin, and Chapter Three for their excellent AppleNewsAPI library.

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