Optimizing Craft for Performance Workshop

Optimizing user experience should be the objective of every web developer. Performance plays a major role in this—is the site snappy and always online, or does it feel sluggish and tend to time-out during periods of heavy traffic? In this workshop you’ll learn how to build faster, more resilient sites and apps with Craft. This in turn will benefit your clients by keeping users engaged, improving conversion rates, reducing server resources, increasing uptime, and improving your site’s Google Core Web Vitals score. We will focus on performance primarily within the scope of configuration, templating and plugin/module development in Craft. Best practices for security and scalability will also bleed into the topics we cover. This hands-on workshop is intended for developers who are familiar with building Craft sites. You will be working with real code, applying the tools and techniques covered to benchmark, optimize and measure results. By the end of it, you will have the skills to integrate the same optimizations into your own sites, regardless of their size or budget