Developer Support

Our goal is to provide Developers great support, especially when implementing Craft, building a plugin, or troubleshooting Craft related error messages. All Craft Pro licenses come with one year of Basic Developer Support and you get an additional year of Basic Developer Support whenever you pay your License Update renewal fee. For Developers who are doing client work or need to ensure that their support tickets are answered quickly, we offer monthly Pro and Premium support plans.

Developer Support Means Our Developers Answer your Developer’s Questions #

We do our best to answer, via email only, all developer-to-developer questions submitted through the Craft CMS Help Widget (in the Craft Control Panel) or emailed to and 

There are three critical things to know up front: 

  1. For Basic Developer Support we do not guarantee a response time. Historically we answer most requests within 5 business days, usually faster. If you have an urgent matter or need a guarantee that your support ticket will be answered sooner, we suggest purchasing a Support Plan.  
  2. We do not guarantee a resolution. We will respond to your question or issue, but we can't guarantee a fix. Sometimes the answer to a question may be “we can’t do that for you, please work with a Craft Specialist, review this resource, etc…”  
  3. We are not responsible for your live production site. If your site goes down, please contact us and we’ll do what we can, but we are not in a position to solve this for you quickly or maybe at all. A good backup and rollback strategy is always recommended. 

What is the Best use of Developer Support?  #

Developers need the most support when they are implementing Craft for the first time or building a plugin. Often these happen at the same time. The spirit of Developer Support is to help you out as you go through this. For sites already in production, we’ll help troubleshoot Craft errors, bugs, and installation-related issues you encounter. 

Here are a few examples of the what Developer Support is for: 

  • You are starting your first Craft project and want some best practice tips and examples. 
  • You are building a plugin for the first (or tenth) time and discover there are a few ways you could approach it and want a quick take from the Craft team.
  • You’ve updated your staging environment to the latest version of Craft and see an unexpected error message. 
  • You are working on a Twig template and are encountering an error and can’t tell if its a bug, a problem with the code, or something else. 
  • Your Craft install is experiencing unexpected behavior and “nothing has changed!” We’ve all been there. 

Here are a few examples of what Developer Support isn’t for: 

  • We can’t do “real-time support.” We have to say no to “quick calls, DMs, etc…” Yes, we sometimes break our own policy, but that is at our discretion. We are not required to provide that as part of the Developer Support we offer. 
  • We can’t be your consultants. There is a grey area between developer-to-developer support and “consulting,” especially if you are new to Craft. We describe our approach as “generous, but not unlimited.” We’ll tell you if we’re not able to provide the depth of feedback or direct help you are asking for and do our best to connect you with a free or paid solution. We cannot provide free site migrations, code reviews, site audits, real-time troubleshooting or brainstorming, extensive architectural review or troubleshooting, or similar services. We do offer consulting services on a case-by-case basis at an hourly rate. If you are interested in consulting about a particular Craft build please contact us at
  • Developer Support is not a substitute for having your own developer. We cannot provide site-specific usage/maintenance support or help figure out how the specifics of your implementation work. We can’t help install plugins, make site adjustments, etc…. 

For anything we can’t provide in Developer Support we will do our best to connect you with a Craft Partner or Specialist that you can work with. 

License Updates must be enabled to receive Developer support.  #

It is impossible to provide great support if you don’t have access to the latest updates. Often the solution to an issue is to update to the latest version. That’s why we make it easy and cost-effective to get both at the same time (read How Craft Licenses and Renewals Work). Specifically, this means that when you purchase a paid license you get one free year of License Updates and one free year of Basic Developer support. Whenever you pay the Renewal Fee for another year of License Updates we give you another year of Basic Developer Support too.

Exclusions #

These exclusions apply to all support plans: Basic, Pro, and Premium.

Third Party Plugins #

We're only able to support first-party plugins — plugins from Pixel & Tonic. If you have an issue with a third-party plugin, visit their plugin page at At the top of the page, you'll find a "Repository" link. Go to the repository and post an issue, or reach out to the maintainers directly.

Pre-release Software #

We're only able to support stable releases of Craft. Alpha, beta, and RC releases are, by nature, works in progress. You may use them however you like, but at your own risk.

Think Twice Before Sending that Database to Us #

We take security seriously. We take privacy seriously. We do a whole bunch to protect everything you send us. But please, do not send us your Craft Database, templates, credentials, or any other potentially sensitive information unless you have the authority to do so. Also, please understand that we are not liable for the data you voluntarily give us. 

Our Mutual Success Depends on Being Good to Each Other #

We do our best to provide you a great Developer Support experience. Part of that is being honest and kind about what we can and can’t do. In that spirit, we can’t meet all expectations or make everyone happy or force people to treat each other kindly and therefore, we must reserve the right to refuse service at our discretion. Historically this has affected less than .0015% of Developer Support accounts.