Flipbox Digital for iDE Global

Inspiring New Entrepreneurs with Craft and Salesforce

iDE is an international nonprofit organization helping foster new entrepreneurs in developing nations. With visitors to the site coming from all over the world and speaking different languages, iDE’s website needed to be intuitive and able to clearly articulate the brand and mission. Additionally, they needed seamless integration with Salesforce, which has become the backbone of their entire organization.

Partnering with Flipbox

To achieve their goal, iDE looked to Flipbox Digital. Focused on web development and integrations, Flipbox has extensive expertise in Salesforce integration. Flipbox also had experience with Salesforce.org and their 1-1-1 model, which “leverages Salesforce’s technology, people, and resources to improve communities around the world.”

We value businesses helping others and providing online communities for people to share ideas. What iDE is doing inspires us.

Working with Flipbox Digital on the design was Denver-based experience shop Good Apples. One obstacle presenting itself of both the design and development side was how to unify iDE’s brand. Since many of the program’s microsites were running on different platforms, there were obvious inconsistencies for the user.

To bring consistency to all of iDE’s websites, Flipbox and Good Apples began with the redesign of iDE Global.org to lay a foundation which all of the microsites could follow. That’s when Flipbox looked to Craft CMS.

They had decentralized a lot of the programs to the different country heads, which resulted in a disconnected brand for iDE.

Craft CMS + Blox

To help achieve their goals, Flipbox introduced iDE’s team to Craft and Flipbox’s own custom plugin, Blox. Once configured, a Blox field can be nested inside of Craft CMS’s Matrix content. Each Blox field is configured with its own set of fields, and can be reused across other sections and entry types. This means that various sections of content can leverage the same field structure, thus eliminating unnecessary duplication.

Blox is good for the content administrators because they are able to see the specific type of content they need to publish for each section.

Blox Demo Publishing

Salesforce Integration

A unique aspect of the iDE website was the client’s desire to be more transparent with their data and the impact it makes. Since iDE uses Salesforce to track this information, Flipbox developed a module that created an API connection between Salesforce and the website. This allowed donors to see, in real-time, selected Salesforce data on the front end of the website. Because the site was built on Craft, Flipbox was able to create this module with the same look of the website and give a visitors to the website a seamless experience.

Salesforce Configuration

The fact that Craft is ridiculously easy to extend and build these modules gives content publishers an easy way to manage their entries and access their data.

With a lengthy list of client needs and considerations, Flipbox Digital and Good Apples were able to deliver a website that exceeded expectations. Building the site on Craft CMS enabled them to create websites that showcased content in a way that was understandable for both investors and entrepreneurs from around the world. Being entrepreneurs ourselves, we couldn’t be more proud of all the great work iDE is doing!

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