Wirelab Digital Agency for Segway

Managing the Complexities of a Large-scale, Multi-language Site for an International Brand

Segway-Ninebot is one of the leading manufacturers of personal transportation electronics. They're probably best known for their self-balancing products like the Ninebot S which can be found in stores all over the world. But their product range is much larger than that, varying from enterprise transport solutions to Kickscooters and robotics.

Tell us a little bit about this specific project.

In two words, scale and complexity. The Segway-Ninebot project covers the entire EMEA-region, meaning that there are over 22 different languages and 88 different sites that have to be managed from one cms. And with all theses sites being managed by a small team in Amsterdam, ensuring a efficient content strategy and synchronization was of the utmost importancy.

Why Craft?

Craft helps us manage the complex multilingual needs and the scale of traffic. With the many options offered by Craft to set-up content synchronization on section as well as a per field level, the complicated task distributing the content in so many languages and countries became a breeze.

Apart from this, as this is a company that makes a living on selling their products, it's especially important that their products are visible at all times. This is where Craft's focus point does it's magic perfectly, ensuring that their product placement is spot on every time.

As all distributors manage their own dealers in the dealer locator, the rights and roles system fits perfectly, allowing them to do the changes in the CMS without being able to touch other content.

Did you use any plugins on this project?

We used Blitz to gain ultimate performance and run efficiently on our server resources. For assets we used the S3 integration to allow store them separately from the webservers, meaning we could load balance our solution and also use Cloudfront to reduce latency drastically.

What is your team most proud of when it comes to this project?

After a successful migration of the old site we've lowered their TCO in comparison to their old Kentico solution. The performance of the CMS has gravely improved and as the website is lightning fast we're also seeing improvements in organic search positions.