Craft Cloud Resource Limits

Every Craft Cloud project comes with generous resource quotas and simple, predictable pricing.

Environments #

Projects are given three environments, one of which may be selected as the production environment. You cannot currently purchase additional environments, but you may delete and recreate them whenever you need.

Storage #

We do have a couple of limits in place for storage to prevent platform abuse:

  • Each environment gets 20GB of asset storage;
  • Individual files are limited to 200MB;

There are no limits on page views, database size, inbound/outbound transfer, or the number of content types, users, entries, or assets you manage within Craft CMS itself.

Domains #

One custom domain is included with every project. You may add as many subdomains as you need, but additional domains are billed at $20 per month. Adding a domain part way through a billing period immediately bills a prorated amount to the payment method on file.

Requests + Responses #

While we don’t impose limits on the number of total or concurrent requests, it’s important that they each finish within 28 seconds. Responses with headers exceeding 16,000 bytes (total) may be dropped, so avoid sending long identifiers or setting large cookie values. If you need to associate a significant amount of data with a visitor, consider using the cache or a database table and tying it to the session by ID.

Additionally, the maximum total response length is 6MB, before compression (regardless of its Content-Type).

  • Your user uploads and build artifacts are not subject to this limit, as they are served from our CDN;
  • Serializing large objects to JSON (or with the {% dd %} and {% dump %} tags) or sending unfiltered debugging info can easily result in large payloads;
  • Complex, deeply-nested documents may need to be split into sections and loaded over Ajax;

The average HTML document size is about 30KB, or roughly 0.5% of our cap—so very few sites and apps should be impacted.

Builds and Commands #

You can deploy as often as you like. There are no limits on the total number of “build minutes” per billing period, but builds must be completed within 15 minutes.

A brand new starter project will typically deploy in about 90 seconds. Projects that use many plugins or have complex Node build steps will naturally take more time—long-running processes like automated tests may need to be offloaded to a different CI pipeline.

The final migration phase of each deployment does not count toward this limit, but commands themselves are also limited to 15 minutes. This applies to automatically-triggered commands like migrations as well as those run manually from an environment’s Commands screen.

Deployments and commands report their elapsed time (during execution), and store their final duration (when they complete or fail).

Queue #

There are no limits to the number of concurrent or monthly queue jobs, but—like console commands—each job must be completed within 15 minutes. For long-running tasks, plugin developers should implement craft\queue\BaseBatchedJob so that jobs can be gracefully batched as that timeout approaches.

Craft License #

The included Craft Pro license is valid as long as your project is active on Cloud, and is not transferrable to a self-hosted installation. Otherwise, its terms are identical to a normal Craft Pro license—there are no restrictions on the variety or quantity of content you manage with the installation, nor the size of your audience or authoring team.

Plugin licenses are not included with your Cloud subscription and will need to be purchased separately.