Troubleshooting Common Problems on Craft Cloud

Why is my repository not showing up when starting a new project? #

When creating a project, we show you repositories you have access to through Git providers connected to your personal Craft Console account. If the repository is owned by someone else (even if they're a member of the same Craft Console organization), it may not be discoverable. Here are a few things to check:

  • Was the repository forked from another repository? We can only deploy from “upstream” repositories (those that are not forks).
  • Did you create or push code after reaching this screen? You may need to refresh the page, or wait a few minutes for the repository to be available in the API.
  • Are you viewing the correct organization or context? Use the menu to the left of the search bar to switch providers and contexts.

If none of the above work, you may need to reconnect the platform to Craft Console and grant additional permissions:

  1. Switch to your personal account with the menu in the upper-right corner;
  2. Go to Settings (the gear icon in the upper-right corner), then Integrations;
  3. Click Disconnect on the row with your Git provider;
  4. Log in to your Git provider, and remove the app or integration:
    • On GitHub, Craft Cloud is registered as an “OAuth App,” and can be managed in your account’s SettingsApplicationsAuthorized OAuth Apps screen. Click the three dots in the Craft Cloud row, then select Revoke.
    • Instructions for other providers will be added as we roll out support!

Return to the Integrations screen in your personal Craft Console account, then click Connect. Carefully review the permissions, and ensure that the organization your repository lives in is properly authorized. On GitHub, this means that it will either either have a green check mark next to it, or that you've clicked Grant in that row. If the organization only displays a Request button, you may need to contact one of the administrators for access.

Why did my build/deployment fail? #

Build failures always display an error in that deployment’s details page. If you believe you've encountered a temporary failure, you can try redeploying the latest commit by clicking Deploy—even if the environment is set to deploy On Push.

The most common problems are:

  • Issues cloning the repository. Was it made private, renamed, or otherwise disconnected?
  • No PHP version was declared. Make sure you have a php-version key in your craft-cloud.yaml config file.
  • Unsupported software or package versions.
    • Your Cloud config file must include a php-version, set to a public release of PHP, version 8.1 or later. Patch versions are not supported.
    • If you are using Node, node-version must be set to 18 or higher. Only major version numbers are supported.
    • Craft CMS version 4.5.10 or later is required.
    • craftcms/cloud version 1.16.5 or later is required.
  • Errors when installing Composer packages. Do you have a valid composer.json and composer.lock file in the connected repository? (It's technically possible—but exceedingly rare—for there to be connectivity issues when downloading packages. Check your logs, try again, or reach out to support if you continue to have problems at this stage in the build.)
  • Failures in the Node/NPM build script. Something went wrong when installing your Node modules or while running the build script. Read more about the build process and how we determine what build script is run.

Cloud will report specific errors that fall into one of these categories. Some errors may require that you investigate the build logs, which are also available in the deployment screen; the step that failed will display a red X.

If you continue to have issues with a specific project, environment, or commit, get in touch!

Applies to Craft Cloud.