Craft 4 FAQ

Will there be any additional licensing costs to upgrade to Craft 4?

No. From a licensing perspective, Craft 4 is like any other update: as long as your license is active, you’re entitled to updates.

When will Craft 4 be released?

In our Craft 4 beta announcement, we clarified that 4.0.0 is planned for May 42022.

How can I try out Craft 4 while it’s in beta?

See Upgrading from Craft 3 in the Craft 4 documentation. We’ve also updated our demos to include Craft 4 and Commerce 4 options.

Can I do anything now that’ll make it easier to upgrade to Craft 4 later?

Yes, you can get your Craft 3 sites up to date and save your future self some time. See our Preparing for Craft 4 guide.

Who is the Craft 4 beta meant for?

If you’re reading this, probably you! We’re looking for feedback from anyone that has it: content authors, project developers, plugin developers, devops wizards, etc. If you need help seeing Craft 4 in action, please reach out to us at support@​craftcms.​com.

How can I tell which of my site’s plugins are compatible with Craft 4?

In the Craft Plugin Store, each plugin lists its Craft version compatibility in its sidebar details. Look for Compatibility, which may list Craft 3 and/​or Craft 4.

What’s the best way to file issues for the beta?

Please file an issue on GitHub like you normally would and use the Craft 4 Beta” issue template.

Applies to Craft CMS 4.