Enabling Fuzzy Search

By default, search terms will match any keywords that begin with the search term. In other words, the search term is treated strictly on the left and fuzzy on the right.

For example, a search for “dog” would match “doggo”, but a search for “fish” would not match “catfish”.

You can change this default behavior using the defaultSearchTermOptions config setting:

'defaultSearchTermOptions' => [
    'subLeft' => true,

The subLeft key determines whether the left end of search terms should be treated as fuzzy, and it’s false by default. Changing it to true causes the full search term to be treated as fuzzy.

Rather than changing the default search behavior, which will affect all search queries in Craft, you can enable it for an individual element query when you set the search param:

{% set results = craft.entries()
    query: craft.app.request.getQuery('q'),
    subLeft: true,
  .all() %}

Applies to Craft CMS 3.