Plugin Store Approval Process

Every plugin on the Craft Plugin Store must be submitted for review and approval by the Craft CMS team.

We check that each plugin provides some common, tangible value to the community and...

  1. Has a matching Plugin Name, Package Name, and Plugin Handle that’s consistent in composer.json.
  2. Does not have a name beginning with “Craft”.
  3. Has its own unique Icon, specifically not the generic one provided by
  4. Has appropriate Plugin Store Categories and Keywords.
  5. Has a working Documentation URL.
  6. Has a correct Changelog Path.
  7. Designates a license in composer.json expressed by
  8. Uses the Craft license if it’s a commercial plugin. (An MIT license is acceptable, but will probably require follow-up.)
  9. Has Short Description and Long Description text that describes the plugin’s purpose and value.

We typically review and respond to submissions within 24 hours, and the developer can expect a notification of acceptance or rejection. If the submitted plugin is rejected, the notification will include recommendations for resubmission.

Plugins are not evaluated for code quality and security, but we address every reported plugin issue in adherence with our Developer Terms and Security Policy.

Applies to Craft CMS 4 and Craft CMS 3.