Supported Versions

Each major version of Craft CMS and Craft Commerce comes with at least two years of active support and maintenance, following its initial release. After that, we will continue to fix critical security issues (where possible) for one additional year, before the version reaches end of life and is no longer supported.

Currently Supported Versions #

Major VersionReleased OnFull Support UntilSecurity Support Until
Craft CMS 21 Apr 201431 Jan 202031 Jan 2022*
Craft Commerce 11 Dec 201531 Jan 202031 Jan 2022*
Craft CMS 34 Apr 201831 Jan 202331 Jan 2024
Craft Commerce 215 Jan 201931 Jan 202131 Jan 2022
Craft Commerce 328 Jan 202031 Jan 202331 Jan 2024

*Craft CMS 2 and Craft Commerce 1 depend on software packages that are no longer receiving security fixes, so our ability to continue supporting them is limited.

Applies to Craft CMS 3, Craft CMS 2, Craft Commerce 3, Craft Commerce 2, and Craft Commerce 1.