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GDPR: What You Need to Know

With the deadline for the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) quickly approaching, we are taking a closer look at our practices and how we can help our customers be ready for GDPR.

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Craft 3 Launch FAQ

April 4th—the planned launch date for Craft 3—is just around the corner! The Release Candidate stage has been progressing smoothly. Yesterday we released Release Candidate 12, bringing Craft 3 ever closer to GA-level stability.

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2017 Year In Review

2017 was a great year for Craft. We experienced tremendous growth, hosted our first conference, moved the HQ into a new office space, and grew the team by 3 people.

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New Awards and Recognition!

CMS Critic 2017 Awards and G2 Crowd High Performer Badge

We’re excited to announce that Craft CMS has been voted Best CMS for Small to Midsize Business and Best Wordpress Alternative in CMS Critic’s 2017 People’s Choice Awards! Craft was also named a High Performer in G2 Crowd’s Best Web Content Management Software report.

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Craft Hosting Partners

We’re excited to announce that we have partnered with two great hosts to bring you and your clients a higher level of support, and a better overall Craft experience.

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The State of Craft: End-of-2016 Edition

Even with all its faults, 2016 was an incredible year for Craft. The CMS has now been deployed on over 22,000 unique domains. The community has grown larger, more diverse, and more helpful than ever. The software has seen big improvements on security and performance fronts. And internally we think we’ve matured a bit as a company, in a good way.

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Mijingo Releases Free Lesson on Element API


We think of Craft a faceless CMS, in a Jaqen H’ghar sort of way. It leaves the front-end of your website completely up to the implementation, so no two Craft sites look the same.

In addition to being faceless, Craft is also a very capable headless CMS. The term “headless CMS” refers to a model where the CMS is only given two jobs: to manage the content and distribute it via an API. The job of presenting the content is handled by a separate application (the “head”), whether that’s a mobile app or a single-page app (SPA).

If you want to use Craft to drive the content in a separate application – possibly in addition to driving a regular website – you’ll probably want to check out our Element API plugin. Element API gives you the ability to define some HTTP endpoints that return content in JSON. You get to define which elements each endpoint should query, and how the response data should look.

It’s never been easier to get up and running with Craft + Element API, because just today, Mijingo released a new free lesson on it: Creating an Element API in Craft. Check it out!

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Learn Craft Commerce with Mijingo


Mijingo just released a new video course for the Craft CMS community: Fundamentals of Craft Commerce. The course will teach you how to build a fully-functional e-commerce site with Craft Commerce, including best practices and tips to get the most out of the system.

The 3-hour course is divided into 21 lessons, each focused on a specific area of Craft Commerce. It’s the fourth installment in Mijingo’s stellar lineup of Craft CMS courses, including Up and Running with Craft, Twig Templates in Craft, and Craft Plugin Development.

Whether you’re just starting out with Craft Commerce or looking to improve your game, we highly recommend you check this out. Mijingo offers a sensible, pragmatic approach to teaching complicated concepts that’s easy to follow along with. The course is just $49, and available now from

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Learn Craft CMS with Envato Tuts+


Envato Tuts+ just published an 11-lesson tutorial on Craft CMS, taught by the wonderful Kezz Bracey. The tutorial covers how Craft is different from other CMSes, how to install it, how content is organized, an introduction to templating, and other fundamentals.

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Craft 3 is Back in Action

Craft3 Dev Preview@2X

We just released Craft Dev 3.0.2910, the first Craft 3 Dev Preview update in almost a year. This update brings tons of bug fixes, a few new features, some code cleanup/refactoring, and most notably, we’ve ported all of the changes that came to Craft 2 in the past year.

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Dancing on Every Device

Mixmag Media

Craft CMS + Mixmag

Mixmag, the world’s most influential DJ, Dance, and House music publication executed on three web goals that got them out of a “enterprise CMS rat’s nest,” created unique workflows that made their editorial team happy (and self-sufficient), and resulted in rapid audience growth.

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Learn about Craft CMS on SitePoint

Site Point Highlight

SitePoint, the popular learning resource site for web professionals, recently published an Introduction to Craft CMS article. Written by Ryan Irelan, it does a great job giving readers a high level overview how Craft works and what it’s like to use it. If you’re new to Craft, or have a friend that is interested, this article will be a great starting point for learning about it.

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