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Learn Craft CMS with Envato Tuts+

Sep 6, 2016 in Highlights


Envato Tuts+ just published an 11-lesson tutorial on Craft CMS, taught by the wonderful Kezz Bracey. The tutorial covers how Craft is different from other CMSes, how to install it, how content is organized, an introduction to templating, and other fundamentals.

In the free introduction lesson, “What is Craft CMS”, Kezz does a great job explaining what sets Craft apart:

Craft excels in two really important areas: 1) it gives you absolute control over exactly what’s happening in your site, and that’s perfect for developers, and 2) it makes sure that in the back-end, there are no complicated sections that may or may not relate to what a user actually needs to do to add content to their site. All the users ever need to see in the back-end are things that are relevant to them. So that makes for a lot less confusion as they’re learning how to manage their site’s content.

So in a nutshell, Craft CMS allows experienced designers and developers to set up sites exactly the way they want to. And this in turn leads to really well-organized, uncluttered back-ends that are much easier for end-users to find their way around in.

Watch the full course with an Envato Tuts+ Monthly subscription, or you can buy it à la carte for just $9.

A follow-up course is also in the works, which will walk you through building a landing page from scratch with Craft CMS.

Check it out