Craft Partners can handle projects large and small.
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Why work with a Craft Partner?

The Craft team has reviewed the work and client success record of each Partner. They have proven their expertise with Craft and Craft Commerce on a variety of projects and have a track record of delivering high-quality work to happy clients.

How do you match me with the right Partner?

Each Partner has a specialty such as e-commerce, integrations, small businesses, and enterprise-clients. We’ll work with you to understand the details of your project and then connect you to the best Partner based on your specific needs.

“Things went fantastically well. I was super impressed with Solspace. They were smart, responsive, and took care to understand our needs, to ensure we ended up with a solution we were happy with. We could not ask for more from a dev partner.”

Romi, Sonos

Our Partners

We have a variety of Partners to help make your Craft project a success. Whether you need development, hosting, or training, our Partners have you covered.

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Our Craft Partners have worked on some of the best sites for large and small companies

Development Partners

  • Electric Putty
  • DesignKarma
  • Moresoda
  • Top Shelf Craft
  • Jacob Bailey Group
  • 3 Red Kites Studio Inc.
  • Foster Commerce
  • Vector Media Group
  • Put Your Lights On
  • CLD
  • Masuga Design
  • The Refinery
  • Ten4 Design
  • Hybrid Interactive
  • nystudio107
  • Paper Tiger
  • Clearfire, Inc.
  • Mildly Geeky, Inc.
  • Bitbox
  • Tungsten Creative Group
  • S. Group
  • A Digital
  • Bright Umbrella
  • Mutual.
  • Moby Inc.
  • Superbig
  • NerdyMind
  • Siebird, LLC
  • Cosmic
  • Digital Surgeons
  • Barrel Strength Design
  • Zaengle Corp.
  • Good Work
  • Solspace
  • Notive
  • Blue Fish
  • Dixon Schwabl
  • One Design Company
  • Yours Truly
  • Enovate
  • Electric Enjin
  • TrendyMinds
  • Foster Made

Hosting Partners

  • Fortrabbit
  • Arcustech
  • Hyperlane

Training Partners

  • Craft Quest

Integration Partners

  • Acclaro
  • Gather Content

Partner FAQ

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Do Craft Partners work well with other agencies?

Yes. Our Partners will never poach your client or solicit them. Your clients are yours. Our Partners are here to help you and your client be successful.

Do you or your partners provide SLA/priority technical support for Craft and Craft Commerce?

Yes, we have technical support SLAs in private beta. It’s targeted at mid-to-large size organizations that need peace of mind when it comes to their Craft installation. We also work with agencies to provide SLA support to your clients that need it. If you’re interested, please get in touch using the form above.

How do I become a Craft Partner?

We are now accepting applications for the new version of Craft Partners that will launch in Q4 2018. If you have completed at least 5 paid Craft projects and are interested in becoming a Craft Partner, please email and ask for an application. We'd love to have you as a Craft Partner!

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