Boxhead Working Statement — At Boxhead, employees can choose to work no more than a four day work week. That extra day can be used to pursue interests, rest or involve themselves in causes of value. We’re not a ‘poster can save the world’ kind of studio. We love design, we love code, we also know that pushing pixels around a screen isn’t going to bring about wholesale positive change in the world we live in. Some of our team choose to get involved with a charity, their local church, train for an epic event, or spend more time with their family.

Boxhead are selective about the projects that we take on. For our size we have a large roster of clients, this means that demonstrating value without compromising quality in deliverables is key to who we are. About that 4 day work week… we don’t just shut up shop on Thursday and take Friday off, we have team crossover. As a studio, we are open Monday to Friday.  

We intentionally describe ourselves as a studio. We have ‘agency’ about us (look it up), but we are not an agency or what a typical digital creative agency has become, or wants to be. At Boxhead, ‘Studio’ is the collective noun for the individuals that make us who we are… a studio of designers & developers who work on meaningful projects for interesting clients. Not quite as evocative as a ‘Shiver of Sharks’ or a ‘Blessing of Unicorns’, but you get the idea.

Work with Boxhead
  • Website and Application Design & Development
  • UI/UX Design
  • Branding
  • Digital Marketing
  • Support & Maintenance
  • Ecommerce
  • Craft Upgrades
  • Craft Multisite
  • Craft Hosting
  • Data Migration
  • Plugin Development
  • Third-party & API Integrations
  • SEO