Founded in 2007 and based in Boston, Clearpeak is a well-established team of web professionals who build simple, powerful websites for institutions, non-profits, libraries, and businesses around the world.

Your users are looking to your website for answers. They rely on your site as a clearinghouse for knowledge, resources and collaboration. We understand your audience and we have the know how to build you a “go to” website that will serve your clients for years to come. Our powerful and easy-to-use CMS tools will empower your staff to keep your site fresh and up to date.

Work with Clearpeak
  • Website Development
  • Visual Design
  • Information Architecture
  • Ongoing Maintenance
  • Custom Development
  • Craft Development
  • Hosting & Support
  • Non-Profit Clients
  • Academic Clients
  • Education Clients
  • Small Businesses
  • Library Web Design