Daytwo AS

How we work We grow businesses through creativity, design, and technology, unlocking revenue, increasing market share, and driving innovation. Our multi-disciplinary team, which includes creative technologists, engineers, designers and developers, is driven by lean processes, cultural diversity, and a holistic approach. We help companies gain a clear brand story, better customer journeys, and prioritize market initiatives to drive innovation. DAYTWO operates globally as one team, with a focus on curiosity, exploration, and making extraordinary work.

What we do At DAYTWO, we specialize in bridging the gap between ideas and people through technology and creative solutions. We have the ability to manage the entire brand funnel, from the idea to business and brand design, user experience, engineering, and data analysis. We approach our work by asking, sharing, and continuously adding value in each step.

Our capabilities Digital experience is a crucial aspect of modern business, and it involves a combination of research and strategy, creative concepts, user-focused design (UX/UI), advanced digital technology, and expert programming. By using the latest tools and techniques, our digital expert teams can drive traffic and engagement, and convert visitors into customers.

DAYTWO is a digital consultancy that aims to push the boundaries of what’s possible through our expertise in creativity, design and tech. We work by combining skills and talent, demanding new ways of working, sharing one culture across three locations – São Paulo, Oslo and Belgrade. Through our shared passion for creative problem-solving, we help our clients grow – whether it's building the brand or generating greater conversion on business goals. As we operate in the digital space, we create stories and experiences that transcend into the real world, leading to real business results.

Welcome to DAYTWO. Driven by creativity. Fueled by technology. Powered by tomorrow.

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