Good Dog Design

Good Dog creates bespoke websites and custom applications for organizations who prize ingenuity, nuance, and efficiency.

We have been providing world-class design and development services for clients worldwide for over 25 years. We’ve designed and built projects with big dreams, broad visions, and specifications. We’ve also been the team that can efficiently solve the sticky problems with new approaches, technology, or just plain elbow grease.

We’re hard-working, but we’re always looking for shortcuts. We use the latest approaches and technology, but never at the expense of the tried and true. Our roots are in design; we’re always looking at making things work better and simpler.

We’re the real deal; we’re Good Dog.

Our Team

Our dedicated, full-service team is the right mix of designers, developers, and managers. Our experience helps navigate the design process, and our curiosity leads to thoughtful solutions for any challenge or project need. We’ll solve the current problem while anticipating users’ evolving expectations.

Our Experience

The firm has established and maintained successful working relationships with major consumer brands ABC TV, Dole, Disney, Intel, and Patagonia Provisions. Good Dog Design has worked with companies of all stages, from initial prototyping and strategy for small start-ups to enterprise application development for Fortune 500 clients. Good Dog also values its work with progressive non-profits like Marin Community Foundation and The Learning Accelerator.

Our passion for good design and modern development practices makes the design and development process thoughtful, interactive, and enjoyable.

Work with Good Dog Design
  • Consulting
  • UI / UX Design
  • Visual Design
  • Custom Integration
  • Full-Stack Development
  • Craft CMS Development
  • Custom Software
  • Rails Development
  • iOS Development
  • Full Service
  • Maintenance + Monitoring