Gridwork is a made-up, two syllable, eight character word meant to imply a sense of discipline and structure.

Since choosing the name in 2005, we have discovered that it is also a DJ stage name, some kind of horse riding maneuver, and a spiritual way to connect to the eternal cosmos. Solid company. But of all the Gridworks out there, we are the only digital agency that designs and builds websites.

Our process is interdisciplinary and agile. That means getting involved with content creation, visual design, and front-end code on every project. We are also committed to learning and research and stretching our limits.

Every year Gridwork designs, builds, and launches 10-20 web projects for real estate agencies, hospitals, nonprofits, small businesses, and publications. We then support, iterate, and report on the long-term health of most of those sites.

Work with Gridwork
  • Editorial design
  • Commmunication design
  • User experience design
  • Brand execution
  • Content strategy
  • Copywriting
  • Front-end code