Honcho Agency

Who are Honcho?

  • We're a Craft CMS agency – it's the only CMS we use
  • UK Based
  • Using Craft CMS since 2015

Reliable Craft CMS developers for your project

  • Can people not find your Craft site on Google?
  • Have your unreliable developers gone AWOL again?
  • Is your Craft site slow and in need of an update?
  • Hit the limitations of WordPress and need a more flexible CMS?
  • Are your WordPress developers unable to support Craft?

Our Craft CMS agency can help with:

  • New Craft Builds End-to-end Craft design and development
  • White Label Your top-secret Craft agency partner
  • Maintenance Keep Craft up-to-date and error-free
  • Agency Support Extend your dev teams knowledge of Craft
  • WordPress Migrations Migrate your site WordPress to Craft
  • Server Moves Move a Craft site to a new server. Zero downtime
  • Third-party Integrations Extend Craft with external APIs
  • Hosting Deployed to finely-tuned Craft servers
  • Multilingual Websites International language switching
  • Member Sites Password-protected areas for member-only Craft websites
  • Craft Multi-Site Share templates and assets over multiple websites
  • Overflow Devs Too much on? Our remote team can integrate into yours
  • Plugins Development Custom solutions for unique problems
  • Twig Templating Custom Twig and macro development
  • Website Consultants Help, advice and guidance for businesses using Craft CMS

We wrote the Why We're Craft Developers blog that the creator of Craft (Brandon Kelly) called "seriously impressive" 🥰

We run the Craft CMS Developer Benchmark

The unofficial Craft CMS developer survey.

We've helped 180+ businesses


  • Google
  • The UK Space Agency
  • YMCA
  • The Church of England
  • Ogilvy

This is a seriously impressive article about the history of Craft, its features, community, security, and how it compares to WordPress. Thanks for taking the time to write it, @MattAEllis! #craftcms https://t.co/LkXbOwJ5lr

— Brandon Kelly (@brandonkelly) April 19, 2019
Work with Honcho Agency
  • Craft CMS Plugins Development
  • Craft CMS Support & Development Retainers
  • Craft CMS Maintenance
  • Website Design & Development
  • UI/UX Design
  • Third-party Integrations
  • Craft Hosting
  • Multilingual Websites
  • Member Sites
  • WordPress Migrations
  • White Label Support
  • Design Systems