Hop Studios

Hop Studios specializes in creating and advising on custom technology solutions, from strategy and design to marketing and SEO, and of course for all of your web stack development needs.

Hop Studios’ staff have extensive real-world experience with the technology, terminology and trends that continue to shape the modern Internet.

Since our founding in 2001, Hop Studios has advised on and built hundreds of sites. Some standout examples of our work include ssir.org, bcdairy.ca, greatergood.berkeley.edu, and lucistrust.org.

We pride ourselves on our ability to anticipate, understand and carry out our client’s wishes accurately and efficiently. We look forward to doing this for your organization.

We work with a number of rather complex organizations, such as:

  • board-driven non-profits
  • networks of regional associations
  • universities (individual schools and departments as well as grant-funded, semi-independent satellites)
  • other educational-type institutions like certificate-granting for-profit schools
  • multi-national corporations with different units collaborating
  • businesses in the midst of a corporate merger, and so on.

If your financial or governance situation is tricky, we've probably dealt with a similar situation before, and we have the patience and expertise to help you manage upwards as well as downwards.

Our clients have been nominated for, and some have won, many awards for online design and development -- legitimate ones, including Webby awards for at least 10 different years. (We don't update this sentence every year :)

We work with clients from anywhere, and have done work for clients in...

Canada: Vancouver (British Columbia), Victoria, Cranbrook, Vernon, Nanaimo, Port Coquitlam, Williams Lake, Calgary (Alberta), Edmonton, Toronto (Ontario), Ottawa, Mississauga, Montreal (Quebec), Winnipeg (Manitoba), Yukon, Nova Scotia, Regina (Saskatchewan)

U.S.A.: Seattle (Washington), Los Angeles (California), San Francisco, San Diego, Santa Barbara, Oakland, Sacramento, San Anselmo, Washington (D.C.), New York (N.Y.), Long Island, Roslyn, Philadelphia (Pennsylvania), Chicago (Illinois), Las Vegas (Nevada), Houston (Texas), Phoenix (Arizona), Missoula (Montana), Denver (Colorado), Durango, Indianapolis (Indiana), Boston (Massachusetts), Pontiac (Michigan), New Jersey, Alaska, Hawaii, Vermont, Georgia

International: London (U.K.), Paris (France), Sydney (Australia), Tokyo (Japan), Glasgow (Scotland), Singapore (and there ain't no more).

Work with Hop Studios
  • Web Development
  • Database Programming
  • Upgrading CMSs
  • Code Reviews & Audits
  • Accessibility Implementation and Testing
  • Social Media
  • Blogging
  • Speed Up Your Website
  • Add-ons Development
  • Training / Teaching
  • Web Design
  • Branding / Logos
  • Service Integrations
  • Email Newsletters