Nerds & Company

Digital experiences such as web-pages - when produced right - have the potential to make the world a bit of a better place. Nerds & Company aims to contribute to this movement. To be able to do so we follow a couple of strict standards;

  • Our clients must always be able to focus on their organisational goals and not be burdened with the worry off digital struggles.
  • The digital playing field develops itself everyday. As an organisation hopping on the right technology stack is important. Let us inform you and make informed decisions as to which "tech stack" to select together.
  • Working with Nerds & Company means no lock-in. The product intellectual property is yours. We can change and adapt as we like and you can let other agencies join in if and as you please. A partnership is about your digital future, not ours.

… with a double BANG

  • BANG #1 - Digital development has an unpredictable nature. During projects or programs multiple events happen. Trust is a key aspect in our relationship with our clients. We follow a wabi-sabi approach. Work together with us as much or as little you like. Be progress oriented and let us embrace all the imperfections along the way. Together as a team. We are convinced that this approach leads to memorable projects and end results.
  • BANG #2 - Our products should propel your company forward. Hopefully by leaps and bounds. We are really happy when we can contribute to your organisation with high quality productions that set a new standard for years to come.
Work with Nerds & Company
  • Award winning websites
  • E-commerce
  • Craft websites
  • UX design
  • Strategic concepts
  • Custom software development