S+W is a web design and development studio located in sunny Virginia Beach. We work closely with brands, startups, designers, and agencies to build engaging online experiences.

Helping Purpose-driven Clients
We love working with people who are on a mission to create good in the world. Passion fuels what you do, which in turn inspires our work to bring your vision to the masses. We have a sweet spot for food, fashion, fitness, health, beauty, and design brands, from startups to global empires.

Partnering with Design Teams + Agencies
You're great at what you do, but need a partner to provide the rest. Collaboration is something we're pretty darn good at. We're available to join in on projects from the discovery phase to development and on-going support. Embed our entire team or just who you need to make some magic happen.

Work with SECOND + WEST
  • Strategic Planning
  • Content Architecture
  • Website Design & Redesign
  • Custom Plugin Development
  • E-Commerce
  • Craft Migrations
  • Craft 2 & 3 Upgrades
  • Tailwind CSS
  • AlpineJS
  • Ongoing Support & Maintenance
  • API Integrations
  • Performance & SEO Optimization
  • Multi-Language Sites
  • Designer + Agency Partnerships
  • SWaM and WOSB Certifications