Szenario – online strategies

Szenario is a vienna based design agency - with focus on Craft CMS.

We help companies to position themselves clearly in the context of the digitalisation of work and communication, to develop comprehensive services and to communicate their offer to a broad audience.

We think of everything a company requires online – website, online shop, services, social media, platforms and the Google world – as one big, connected stage. On this stage we enable companies to act individually and consistently.

We work with established as well as start-up companies, institutions and freelancers, and offer our expertise together with our technical ecosystem to other design studios.

Work with Szenario – online strategies
  • Digital Strategies
  • UI-, UX-Design
  • Full-Stack-Webdevelopment
  • Custom Craft Commerce
  • Webhosting
  • SEO
  • CMS-Updateservice
  • Support