The Refinery

The Refinery

At The Refinery, we’re dedicated to building web applications and websites that put humans first. What good is a website if it doesn’t serve your audience? We believe that sites have to be innovative, intuitive and beautiful. This core belief has served our customers well and is just one of the reasons we continue to have opportunities to work with companies and brands all over the world helping them achieve a strong digital presence.

Another concept at the center of our belief system is that we are partners with the companies that hire us. We succeed when they succeed so we work hard every day to collaborate effectively not only with them but with their other partners to ensure their digital applications integrate into their business and don’t just function alongside it.

Specific to Craft, we’re early adopters of the CMS platform who have become evangelists. We like Craft because it’s user-friendly enough for our clients to have control over their sites without a dedicated in-house developer, but offers the flexibility, customization and power that can support your big ideas, without boxing you in with templates that don’t serve your business. Your company’s online presence shouldn’t be represented by a cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all solution.

Who we are.

Founded in 2001, we are a Cleveland based, digital application and marketing consultancy with nearly 20 years of experience inspiring conversations between our customers and their customers through digital means. While we began as a web design firm, we have evolved over time into-a complete digital agency. We understand both design and development inspire each other and they need to work cohesively. The most effective way to accomplish this is by doing them in tandem. We also know that once those foundational pieces are in place, that’s when the real work for your team begins. Driving traffic to those properties to build awareness and position you as a thought-leader is the best way to showcase your company’s strengths and we’re here to support you all the way.

What we believe.

We believe in offering the highest possible value to our customers. No, it’s not lip service used to win over potential customers -- it’s the truth. Our truth. Sometimes we do things in unorthodox ways. In the past, we’ve told customers they were spending too much money with us and offered less expensive options. We’ve turned down work because a potential customer insisted on a platform or process we knew could not give them the results they desired. It’s our job to advise our customers and treat them with respect. We honestly believe that we’re all in this together and treat our customers accordingly.

Who we aren’t.

There are plenty of great digital agencies out there. We get it. What sets us apart from other agencies is who we're not. We’re not the agency that’s going to tell you just what you want to hear, regardless of the implications to your business. If you’re looking for “yes” men/women, you won’t find them at The Refinery. We’re here to offer you the highest possible value. Sometimes that means challenging your ideas and working alongside you to discover alternative, more efficient solutions to your problems.

Life isn’t perfect and neither are we. But we are a group of honest, hardworking and talented professionals who look forward to working with the same type of customers, helping them to accomplish their goals and ultimately grow their businesses.

Work with The Refinery
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