Craft is the CMS that makes the whole team happy.

Design and build exactly what you need.

  • Fully custom content modeling 
  • Complete control over HTML 
  • Powerful templating

Easily create and manage great-looking content.

  • Beautiful & intuitive Control Panel 
  • Preview your work as you type 
  • Built-in localization

Secure, scalable, and supported

  • Trusted open source foundation 
  • Robust support and SLAs 
  • Built for integrations 

What people love most about working with Craft

100% customizable
Intuitive content tools
Designed for developers
Ecommerce the Craft way

100% customizable

Set up fields, entries, and relationships in whatever way makes the most sense for your project.

Intuitive content tools

Preview your work right as you type with Live Preview. Share in-progress drafts with coworkers via secret URLs.

Designed for developers

Build exactly what you want from the ground up, rather than wrestling with a prebuilt theme.

{# Craft CMS: Features #}
<div class="l-section">
  <div class="l-wrap">
    <div class="l-wrap__inner">

      {% for section in entry.featuresSection.all() %}
        <div class="l-features">

          <div class="l-features__aside">
            <div class="blurb blurb--s blurb--align-left">
              <h2 class="blurb__heading">{{ section.sectionTitle }}</h2>
              {% if section.sectionDescription %}
              <div class="blurb__body">
                {{ section.sectionDescription | md }}
              {% endif %}

          <div class="l-features__main">
            {% for feature in section.features.all() %}

              <div class="l-features__feature-block">
                {% include "_partials/card-b" with {
                  icon: feature.icon | length ? feature.icon[0].url : false,
                  name: feature.title,
                  description: feature.excerpt,
                  linkText: "Learn More",
                  linkUrl: url('features/all#' ~ feature.slug)
                } %}

            {% endfor %}

      {% endfor %}


Ecommerce the Craft way

Build the perfect shopping experience for your customers, and integrate with your favorite services.

Craft works with that.

Created with Craft

Brands that are fans

Craft CMS makes both our developers and editors happy by providing a good balance of extensibility and user experience.

Devin Ellis

Engineering Manager, Moz

Craft is hands down the most user-friendly CMS on the market. Its secret weapons are extreme extensibility and ease of development. Craft is the engine to a connected, secure, API-driven platform, rather than just a vanilla CMS.

Mack Nevill

Founder and Creative Director, Evolution 7

Craft allows us to publish articles through one control panel and distribute them to the website, Apple News, Facebook Instant Articles, and Google AMP without us doing any extra work. It’s streamlined and reliable.

Bridget Mills-Powell

Head of Digital, Mixmag Media