Craft 3.5 Released

Craft 3.5

We’re thrilled to announce that Craft 3.5 is now officially released!

This release has been cooking for about six months, and features improvements across the board.


We’ve added two new user preferences in Craft 3.5 which improve accessibility for people with vision deficiencies:

  • Use shapes to represent statuses – Replaces circular status indicators with orange triangles to indicate pending statuses, and red squares to indicate expired statuses.
  • Underline links – Adds an underline style to all links in the control panel, making it more obvious that they’re clickable.
Craft 3.5 accessibility features

Author Experience

Craft 3.5 introduces a new field layout designer, which gives developers the ability to create significantly improved content forms for authors. It features:

  • UI elements – Add custom headings, tips, warnings, and horizontal rules to your field layouts. You can even add custom UI elements based on Twig templates. (Yes, plugins can register additional UI elements as well!)
  • Title field control – You can now set the position of Title fields within your field layouts, so they don’t show up at the top of every content tab.
  • Field relabeling – You can now override the label and author instructions for each of your fields right from the field layout designer. No more need to create multiple identical fields, just because you want to change the label.
  • Custom field widths – Set the widths of each of your fields to 25%, 50%, 75%, or 100%. Fields will be displayed side-by-side when there’s room.
Craft 3.5 Field Layout Designer

The new field layout designer in Craft 3.5.


GraphQL support has been drastically improved in Craft 3.5:

  • Mutations – It’s now possible to mutate entries, categories, tags, users, global sets, and Matrix blocks via the GraphQL API.
  • Explorer – We’ve bundled the OneGraph Explorer plugin into Craft’s built-in GraphiQL IDE, so building GraphQL queries is now as simple as ticking some checkboxes.
  • Prettify & History – The built-in GraphiQL IDE now has the ability to prettify your query, and you can also browse your recent query history.
  • API improvements – Querying for elements over GraphQL has also improved, with several new arguments, fields, and directives, as well as the ability to set aliases on relational fields.
Craft 3.5 GraphiQL IDE

Tons More

Craft 3.5 introduces hundreds of additional improvements, including new Twig tags and filters, eager-load aliasing support, a new file structure for storing project config data, module migration support, and so much more. Read the changelog for a full list of what’s new.

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