Nitro 1.0 Released


We’re excited to announce that Craft Nitro is officially out of beta!

Nitro has come a long way since the first beta was released three months ago. We’ve added Windows support, fixed some bugs, and added several new commands that make working with Nitro a joy.

To give you a taste, here’s a few of our favorite new commands:

  • xon/xoff – Quickly enable/disable Xdebug.
  • db import – Create a new database and import a SQL file to it.
  • php iniset – Set a new php.ini value, and restart PHP to apply the change.

We’ve also worked with Canonical to improve Multipass performance, which made its way into this week’s Multipass 1.4.0 release. We highly recommend updating to that if you already have Multipass installed.

A full list of commands, installation/updating instructions, and configuration guides are available at Nitro’s new documentation site: craftcms.com/docs/nitro.

If you have any suggestions, or run into a bug, please post about it on GitHub. And there’s a #nitro channel in Craft Discord where you can get help or discuss new feature ideas.

We think Nitro is now the best way to develop Craft sites locally, so we hope you give it a shot!

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