Doubling Down on Accessibility


At Craft, improving Craft CMS control panel accessibility has always been important to us, but the process has been largely reactive based on feedback, rather than proactive as part of our development cycle.

That changes today.

We’re thrilled to announce that Matsuko Friedland has joined our team as Lead Accessibility Engineer. Matsuko will be auditing the Craft control panel and leading the effort on its accessibility improvements. She will also be helping to make all Craft's web properties accessible, including craftcms.com, the documentation, and the Plugin Store. We understand that this is a huge undertaking, but are excited to see these ambitions come to fruition.

As we announced at Dot All Montreal, we are committed to reaching WCAG AA standards for Craft 4, and we will continue to improve Craft 3 wherever we can as well. We will work to ensure that accessibility best practices are part of our ongoing development processes, and we’ll be sharing resources that promote best practices to the plugin ecosystem as well.

At Craft, we strive to make the content authoring and development experience an enjoyable one for all users. We recognize that being an accessible CMS is a massive part of that. We value the continual feedback from the Craft community as we work towards this goal. If you or anyone on your team has accessibility needs or requirements and would be interested in testing or providing feedback, please get in touch!

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