Craft 3.7 Released

Craft 3.7

Craft 3.7 has been released into the wild, with several exciting authoring improvements.

Editor slideouts. Inline element editors throughout the control panel just got a big upgrade. They now use a slideout UI, featuring the element’s full field layout including custom tabs and UI elements. They also include meta fields, a metadata table, and a link to the element’s dedicated edit page.

Streamlined entry publishing flow. The entry publishing workflow is now simpler and more intuitive.

Deep content change tracking and merging. Matrix field changes are now tracked for each block rather than the field as a whole. A draft’s block changes can be merged with other edits to that same Matrix field in the Current revision.

Asset subfolder deep-linking. The Assets index page now keeps its URL updated to reflect the selected subfolder, so you can bookmark the URL for later or share it with someone on your team.

Structure placement control. It’s now possible to create new entries directly before or after another entry within a structure. Structure sections also have a new “Default Entry Placement” setting which determine where new entries should be placed by default—before or after existing entries.

Bulk entry/site deletion. The Entries index page now include the ability to delete entries for a specific site only, for sections that allow each entry to choose which sites they’re available in.

There’s lots more, so check out the changelog for the full release notes. And read through the upgrade guide to learn how to take advantage of the new features in your projects.

We hope you like it!

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