Craft 3.4 Beta is Here

We’re excited to announce that Craft 3.4 Beta has been released!

Craft 3.4 brings improvements across the board, from user experience to the GraphQL API, to the project config. Here’s a few of our favorites:

New look and feel. The control panel has been redesigned to feel more friendly and snappy, and to make it easier to focus on your content.

Delta updates. Saving complex entries with lots of custom fields and Matrix blocks take a lot less time now, as only the changed values will get submitted and processed.

Change tracking. Entry drafts now show you which fields have changed within them, and which fields have changed directly on the source entry since the time the draft was created. You can merge the outdated field values into the draft at any time, and they will be merged in automatically when the draft is published, so you don’t have to worry about overwriting others’ changes accidentally.

An entry draft with updated Directions and Post Date values, and an outdated Description value.

HTML and PDF previewing. HTML and PDF assets can now be previewed in Craft just like images. And plugins can add support for additional file types as well.

Extended exporting. You now have more options when exporting elements. You can choose between two different export types (“Raw” and “Extended”), and whether you want the results as a CSV, JSON, or XML file. Plugins can register additional export types as well.

GraphQL improvements. GraphQL schemas are now stored in the project config, and GraphQL access tokens are now managed separately. GraphQL is more extensible now too: plugins and modules can now customize GraphQL schemas at runtime, and register new schema permissions.

Better collaboration with project config. Project config keys in project.yaml are now sorted alphabetically to reduce the likelihood of merge conflicts when collaborating on a project.

Interactive shell. There’s a new ./craft shell command that will launch an interactive shell for your Craft project.

Lots more. Check out the changelog to read the full release notes.

If you’d like to help us test this release, update your craftcms/cms requirement in composer.json to "^3.4.0-beta.1", and then run composer update.

We hope you like it!

Our craftcms-sass npm package has been updated for the new control panel styles. If you maintain a plugin or module that adds custom control panel styles, that’s the easiest way to keep it looking good in Craft 3.4.

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