Craft 4.4 Released

Craft 4 4

We’re thrilled to announce that Craft 4.4 has been officially tagged! Thanks to everyone who took time to provide feedback during the Beta.

This release introduces several exciting authoring, accessibility, development, and performance improvements, and marks the beginning of Craft’s entrification transition.


Revamped volume folder navigation. Asset indexes have been redesigned to show folders inline within the listing pane, right alongside assets, and the path to the currently-selected folder is shown above the listing. Drag-and-drop has been improved as well: assets and folders can be dragged simultaneously, and we’ve reduced the likelihood of accidental drag operations.

Asset index with inline folders

The new asset index design, showing inline folders and the current folder path above.

Structure view mode. Structure sections and category groups now have a dedicated view mode for displaying their entries/categories hierarchically.

Sharable searches. Element indexes now update their URLs with the active search query, making it possible to share the current search results with a colleague.

Entry revisions page. Entries with more than 10 revisions now show a “View all revisions” menu option, which links to a dedicated Revisions page that lists all of the entry’s revisions.

Dismissible tips. Custom tips and warnings added to field layouts can now be set as dismissible, giving authors the ability to hide them (h/t John Henry Donovan).

Dynamic relation condition rules. Relation condition rules that are stored in the project config now support dynamic Twig templates that output the related element’s ID, enabling a host of possibilities, like a custom entry source that shows entries authored by the current user.


Letterbox transforms. It’s now possible to generate image transforms with a letterbox effect, for situations where it isn’t possible to achieve the same thing with CSS, such as email templates.

Unified variable dumping. All variable dumps now use Symfony VarDumper. There’s also a new {% dump %} Twig tag, which quietly sends variable dumps to the Debug Toolbar, rather than halting the request or cluttering your page.

Dump panel

The new “Dumps” panel in the Debug Toolbar.

Simplified licensing rectification. Most licensing issues are now consolidated into a single control panel alert, with a link that generates a new cart on Craft Console, pre-filled with all the line items that are needed to resolve the issues.

Private plugins. It’s now possible to create plugins that are omitted from licensing checks, by prefixing the plugin’s handle with an underscore.


Entrify commands. New entrify/categories, entrify/tags, and entrify/global-set CLI commands have been added to seamlessly convert category groups, tag groups, and global sets over to sections, along with any Categories/Tags fields. See our roadmap for more information about this transition.

Maintain Hierarchy settings. Entries and Categories fields now have a “Maintain Hierarchy” setting, which determines whether they’ll behave like Categories fields have, historically. When enabled, the field will ensure that the relations match the hierarchy defined by the section/category group’s structure.

Single preloading. There’s a new preloadSingles config setting (enabled by default for new Craft projects) which will make all Single section entries available to Twig templates by their section handle, just like global sets.

There’s plenty more in the full release notes, so check those out.

We’ve also released Craft 3.8 (release notes) with the same asset index changes, simplified licensing rectification, and stability improvements.

You can update to Craft 4.4 from your control panel, or by running composer update or php craft update from your terminal.

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