Craft 4.5 Released

Craft 4.5

Craft 4.5 has been released into the wild, bringing a host of exciting authoring and development improvements to Craft CMS.

Here are a few of our favorites.

Gradicons. Users who haven’t uploaded a photo get a shiny new gradicon with their initials and one of 272 possible color gradients assigned at random.

Activity indicators. When other authors are editing the same entry, their avatars will show up in the page header. Hovering over them will reveal what exactly they’re doing in a tooltip.

Activity indicators

Sharable element filters. Element index filters are now serialized and added to the query string. When you share URLs with your colleagues, they’ll see what you see.

Validation summaries. When an entry can’t be saved, a complete summary of its validation errors will be displayed at the top of the page, linking to the invalid fields.

Validation summary

Secrets. Define sensitive values in a secrets file, rather than as environment variables, so there’s no chance they’ll leak into server logs or phpinfo() output.

Global scope. Forget about variable scoping. Twig templates can now share info between each other using a globally-defined collection called _globals.

Craft 4.5 is available now. The full release notes can be viewed on GitHub.

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