Craft Console Updates for Organizations

Craft Console

Craft Console, our license management platform, launched last year with a suite of new features to support customers’ most common business relationships. The introduction of organizations simplified the process of coordinating purchases and delegating access for agencies, employers, and other teams—no more sharing passwords!

Today, we’re launching our first big update to organizations, based on the most popular feature requests.

Organizations can now have multiple owners

Members with the owner role in an organization can now designate other members as owners. This means that a developer and client can be co-owners of an organization, and that the process of “transferring” organization ownership is now a matter of managing your existing members’ permissions. Once another owner is added, you are free to remain as an owner, demote yourself, or leave the organization altogether.

Craft console members with multiple members as owners

Organizations now have their own payment methods

Prior to this update, organizations had a single owner who was responsible for maintaining a payment method in their personal account. This led to confusion about which card was being used at any given moment, and contributed to uncertainty when transferring ownership of an organization.

Owners now manage payment methods directly within an organization, and can select from them when making a purchase or approving a purchase request.

Craft console org with multiple cards

Following this update, organization owners will need to re-enter their card details the next time they make a purchase. Auto-renewing licenses will continue to use their original payment method, until you enter a new one. Future renewals will be charged to the organization’s primary payment method.

We hope these changes streamline workflows for agencies, clients, and business owners. Feedback is always welcome on the Craft Console discussion on GitHub.

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