Craft Commerce 1.0 Released


We’re thrilled to announce that Craft Commerce, our much-anticipated ecommerce platform for Craft CMS, is available now!

Craft Commerce brings the power and beauty of Craft CMS to the world of ecommerce: feature-rich yet free of bloat; super flexible for developers yet delightfully intuitive for managers. It’s got all the bells and whistles you’d expect—Live Preview, custom fields everywhere, Twig templating, mobile support, etc.—and even a few things you might not—inline product creation, one-click updating, order processing workflows, and more.

Of course, no software is ever finished, and there’s plenty of features we can’t wait to add, but we’re feeling really good about where we’re at, and we think this is going to be a great solution for the majority of use cases.

Edit Product Page

Editing products in Craft Commerce is just as simple and intuitive as editing entries and other element types in Craft CMS.

Up until this point we have been managing a private beta that has grown to almost 200 people, and several Commerce-powered sites are already in the works. The feedback has been great, and has pushed us to shape Commerce into something we’re truly proud of.

What’s especially exciting to us is that many of the people in the beta have told us they’ve avoided doing much ecommerce work in the past, and Craft Commerce is actually enabling them to start taking on projects they would have passed on before. Which is awesome.

Craft Commerce costs $999 per site, which comes with a Craft Pro license. (Don’t need/already have Craft Pro? No big deal, it’s also available à la carte for $700.) It’s also free to try for as long as you’d like, from any server, up until you’re ready to start accepting payments. So feel free to download it and play around in your free time. We think you’ll like what you see!

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