We’ve Acquired Feed Me

Feed Me

We’re excited to announce that we have acquired Feed Me from Verbb, and it’s now completely free!

Feed Me is a powerful content importing plugin for Craft. It can pull content from a variety of formats—XML, RSS, ATOM, CSV, and JSON—into entries, categories, tags, assets, users, Craft Commerce products, and more, perfectly populated based on hand-selected field mappings.

Feed Me has proven to be an essential tool when migrating websites to Craft, so we’re thrilled to be making this vital plugin free (and perhaps even built into Craft at some point!).

We just released Feed Me 4.0 which is functionally identical to 3.1.17, except that it does away with the Pro edition and the plugin’s root namespace has been changed to craft\feedme (plugin developers beware). The Craft CMS requirement has also been bumped to 3.1.21+, so you’ll need to update to at least that version before installing or updating Feed Me 4.

You can learn more about Feed Me from its page on the Plugin Store, or dive into the documentation. CraftQuest also has a great Migrating a Website to Craft CMS video course with practical examples of migrating websites to Craft from WordPress and ExpressionEngine using Feed Me.

A special thanks to Verbb for supporting the Craft community with all their wonderful plugins. We’re excited to see what they build next!

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