Introducing Accessibility at Craft

Introducing Accessibility at Craft

Today we are happy to introduce Craft’s accessibility blog. This blog will be updated as we progress with our accessibility journey. Many of the posts will be helpful to guide your own practice as web professionals.

In the future, this is where we you will find accessibility information such as:

  • Accessibility statements
  • Accessibility compliance reports
  • Accessibility documentation

To get started, here is an overview of what we’ve been working on and where we’re headed with accessibility at Craft.

Community updates

In addition to the #a11y channel in the Craft CMS Discord server, we’ve created a #craftcms channel in the Web a11y Slack. The Web a11y Slack is a great resource for learning about and discussing accessibility. If you are interested in joining this community, please request an invitation by emailing accessibility@craftcms.com, or contacting any existing member of the Web a11y Slack.

You may have heard the news that the new W3C website will be built with Craft CMS. We’re happy to announce that Accessibility London will also be building their new site using Craft CMS, as well as supporting our accessibility efforts.

Craft 3

We’re currently working on remediating accessibility in Craft 3. We are focusing on improving accessibility for the bulk of control panel users: content authors. Our goal is to ensure that content authors will be able to use the control panel independently to create and edit content and manage their own accounts.

This will include accessibility improvements in the control panel for:

  • General navigation and interaction
  • Session management
  • Account management
  • Content management

Craft 4 (and future versions)

Our goal for Craft 4 and all future versions of Craft CMS will be accessibility of the core control panel for all users, including developers. Our compliance targets are WCAG 2.1 AA and ATAG 2.0 AA.

Beyond the CMS

There is no shortage of areas where we can improve accessibility-wise. This is not a prioritized or exhaustive list, but here are some additional areas for future improvements in Craft’s accessibility beyond the CMS:

  • First-party Craft plugins
  • Demo sites
  • Documentation
  • Marketing sites
  • Conferences and events

We’re so excited to work with and share our learnings with the community as we progress with accessibility at Craft CMS. Be sure to check back soon and follow along with our accessibility journey!

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