Nitro 2 Released

Nitro 2

Nitro, our local development environment for Craft CMS, is getting a big update today. We’ve rewritten it from the ground up with better cross-platform support and several exciting new features.

Runs on Docker

Nitro 2 is container-based and runs on Docker, which paved the way for many of the new improvements.


Nitro 2 supports Arm CPUs including M1 Macs, and support for Linux and Windows machines is greatly improved. It’s also now available as Homebrew, Debian, RPM, and Alpine packages.

Quick Project Creation

The create command can now create a new site based on any GitHub repository URL. If the project has a composer.json file, create-project will be run automatically.


All Nitro 2 sites support SSL (HTTPS) automatically, with trusted certificates.

Per-site PHP Configs

Each site gets to choose its own PHP version (including PHP 8), PHP extensions, and settings, as well as whether Xdebug should be enabled.

Site Sharing

Quickly share your Nitro sites publicly or over a local network using the new built-in share and bridge commands.

Site Aliases

Add aliases to your sites to access them with alternative hostnames.

Run Craft Commands

Quickly execute craft executable commands using the new craft command, without needing to SSH into the container.

Check out the changelog for the full release notes.

If you’re ready to dive in, follow the installation instructions to get started. (Note that upgrading from Nitro 1 is a manual process.)

We hope you like it!

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