Dot All 2019

The Great Beyond — Managing a Migration to Craft

Website migration projects are full of promise. Clients can look forward to a shiny new platform that will do away with all the pain points found in their legacy systems, introducing a world of new opportunities. At least that’s the ideal, but how do you ensure a website migration project will live up to that promise? Choosing a platform is a big issue for many clients as it’s the start of a new, long term relationship in which they’re staking a significant investment. They want longevity, security, low cost of ownership and ease of use, combined with minimal disruption when the site launches. Successful migrations will leave the door open to future development, a happy client, and a thriving platform. In this session we’ll talk about pitching Craft to clients, benchmarking performance pre and post-migration and managing client expectations. While the talk will reference tools and approaches to migrate content into Craft, the focus will be on managing a migration project rather than development techniques.

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Dot All 2019
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