Dot All 2019

Using AWS Lambda and Feed Me to Create an Automated Content Pipeline.

Feed Me is commonly used for migrating data to Craft CMS, particularly migrating content from other CMS solutions. However, Feed Me has some powerful features that allow anyone to create a gateway to push content on demand. In this talk we will explore how to use AWS Lambda (and some other popular free tools like Airtable) to create a serverless middleware that will allow us to automate the process of feeding content to Craft CMS. We will first go over Waveguide’s case study, and show the implementation that enables an ultra fast flow to push design examples to Waveguide’s backend (Craft CMS). After exploring this case, we will briefly explain other potential uses cases like pushing content reactively in response to events like a new post in social media or even triggering a post to Craft from a physical IoT button.

Feet on the ground, head(less) in the cloud with Craft CMS
Dot All 2019
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