Craft Cloud for Clients

Craft Cloud is part of Craft Console, so features that support teams like multi-user organizations and access control are built in:

  • As a developer or agency, you can create organizations and projects on behalf of clients;
  • As a client, you can invite your development partner to an organization and let them configure a project;

Either way, taking advantage of organizations is key to collaborating on Cloud.

Our Managing a Craft Cloud Project article covers the project lifecycle in greater detail.

Payment Methods #

An organization’s owner is responsible for maintaining its payment methods. A valid payment method is required to start a Cloud project; whenever a monthly or yearly bill is due, the organization’s primary payment method is automatically charged.

Organization owners will be notified if there are billing issues any of its Cloud projects.

Transferring Projects #

Currently, Cloud projects cannot be transferred between organizations, or between personal accounts and organizations.

Applies to Craft Cloud.