Managing a Craft Cloud Project

Craft Cloud projects are always created via Craft Console. You can start projects with your personal account, or within an organization.

We generally recommend organizations for Cloud projects, as they support delegated access and other features that underpin safe collaboration.

Creating a Project #

Log in to your Craft Console account, then click Cloud in the main navigation. If this is your first project, you’ll see a welcome screen and a New project button; existing Cloud users will see a list of current projects.

Use the menu in the upper-right corner to switch between your personal account and the organizations you are a member of. You must have a payment method on file (in the current account context) to start a Cloud trial.

Within an organization, only owners and administrators can create projects. If you don’t have adequate permissions, get in touch with the person who created the organization.

Project Ownership + Collaboration #

Projects owned by a personal account can only be managed via that account. You cannot transfer a project to an organization after it is created.

If you suspect that a project will ever be supported by someone other than you, create an organization for it. Organizations are free, and provide a perfect place to consolidate a client or firm’s projects and licenses.

The Craft Console users who can access your project are not associated with the users in your Craft site, and vice-versa. It’s important to be aware, though, that anyone with access to your Cloud project can get access to its database and run commands that alter Craft users’ permissions.

Projects are billed to the primary payment method on file for the personal account or organization that owns it.

Inviting a User #

Read about inviting users in our Using Organizations article.

Connecting a Repository #

When creating a project, you will be asked to connect to a Git provider.

This connection is established for your personal account, even if the project will be owned by an organization. Cloud interacts with the provider on behalf of anyone managing the project, after the authorization is granted.

Whoever sets up a project must have the correct permissions at the provider (and grant access to any additional scopes) when establishing the connection.

Follow this guide if you need to reauthorize a provider.

Applies to Craft Cloud.