Downloading Previous Commerce Versions

Commerce 3 #

You can download previous Commerce versions directly from the Commerce Github repo release page. If you prefer using Composer, you can modify the craftcms/commerce line in your composer.json file to install the desired version.

Commerce 1 and 2 #

You can download previous versions of Commerce from the Craft CDN, The zips are available with the following URL format:{version}/{version}.{build}/CraftCommerce-{version}.{build}.zip

Check the changelog for release versions.

For example, for Commerce 1.2.1337, the download URL would be:

Note that downloading Commerce releases directly still binds you to its license agreement.

Keep in mind Commerce does not support rolling back to previous versions automatically. If you’ve already updated your site past a certain release and want to go back to it, you’ll need to find and restore a database backup that was created with the version you’re going back to.

Applies to Craft Commerce 3, Craft Commerce 2, and Craft Commerce 1.