How to fix a mismatched” Craft license

If Craft is giving you an error about your Craft license belonging to a different domain, that means that according to our records, your license is already in use somewhere else.

To change which domain your license can be used on, log into your Craft ID account at, and navigate to your Craft license (LicensesCraft CMS). From there you can see the domain name it’s currently tied to, along with other info about your license:

Craft License Details

Press Change Domain to edit the domain name.

Edit Craft License Domain

Once you’ve updated it, clear your Craft data caches on the site you wish to start using the license on. Craft should then start recognizing that the license is being used on the correct domain.

Clear Craft data caches from the Settings page (Craft 2) or UtilitiesClear Caches (Craft 3).

How to detach a plugin license from a CMS license #

Similar to how a Craft CMS license is linked to a domain name, Craft plugin licenses are linked to a Craft CMS license.

If you’re running into a license purchasing issue, like upgrading the plugin edition and having the wrong price appear in the cart, you may need to detach the existing plugin license from its related CMS license and re-link it to the intended CMS license instead.

To detach the plugin license from its related CMS license, log into your Craft ID account at, and navigate to your plugin licenses (LicensesPlugins).

Find the relevant plugin in the list and choose the abbreviated license key link in its first column.

From that plugin license detail page, choose Detach from this Craft license.

Detach Plugin License

Applies to Craft CMS 3.